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IRMS - Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

provides analysis of isotopic ratios of the light stable isotopes C, N, 0, S and H.

  • Perspective  
    • Unique zoom optics with no moving parts
    • δ13C and δ18O carbonate analysis from <5μg sample sizes
    • Most effective clumped isotope mass spectrometer and sample accessories
  • Horizon 2
    • High sensitivity due to increased acceleration voltage
    • Reduced backgrounds due to mini-ESA, true differential pumping and zoom optics design
    • Full range of accessories for sample introduction
  • Panorama - is an entirely new ultra-high resolution multiple collector mass spectrometer specifically designed to undertake stable isotope analyses, far exceeding the performance of other commercial instruments.

Κεντρικά: Σταματίου Ψάλτου 30, 54644 Θεσσαλονίκη, Τηλ.: (+30) 2310-855844, Φαξ: (+30) 2310-886206
Υποκατάστημα: Μομφεράτου 131, 11475 Αθήνα, Τηλ.: (+30) 210-6452848, Φαξ: (+30) 210-6452413, www.megalab.gr, contact@megalab.gr

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