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Energy Test System

The MACCOR Model 4300M has all the capabilities of the standard Model 4300 with the added feature of an 8-position multiplexer. The 8-position multiplexer allows the channels to be connected toEnergy Test System  a Princeton Applied Research PARSTAT® 4000 or Solartron Analytical 1260/87 impedance analyzer. With the impedance analyzer connected to the test system via the multiplexer the user can then program impedance tests in the Maccor test procedure which when reached will cause the test system to automatically disconnect the Maccor test channel from the device and connect the impedance analyzer to the device. When the impedance test is completed the test system will automatically disconnect the impedance analyzer from the device and connect the Maccor test channel back to the device and continue with the programmed test procedure. Additional plans are to in-place to integrate other AMETEK impedance systems. 

The Model 4300M is supplied as a complete turnkey system with Tester PC and software. Powered by Maccor’s standard test system software, the integrated Model 4300M and AMETEK impedance system provide the best-in-class solution for customers in gaining a greater understanding of their products, processes and materials. 

The Model 4300M is supplied with a PowerPole® interface for easily connecting cables or cell holders. Each desktop cabinet is available with up to 8 test positions, however, test systems can have multiple test cabinets.

The Model 4300M can be configured with multi-current range channels, which have a current control range of 300nA to 5A. These multi-current range channels can be configured for voltage ranges of -2V to +8V or 0V to +5V as standard. The accuracy for current and voltage on these channels is ± 0.02% FSR. Alternately, the system can be configured with single current range channels, which can be configured for higher voltages and currents. The single current range channels have a current accuracy of ± 0.025% FSR and a voltage accuracy of ± 0.02% FSR. 

Features and Functions:

  • Adaptable To A Wide Range Of Products (i.e. batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells, etc.) and Battery Chemistries
  • Easily Scalable To Support Capacity Expansion At Acceptable Costs
  • Easy To Use And Maintain Minimizing Labor Force
  • Customizable To Meet Varying And Evolving Customer Requirements
  • Easily Adaptable To Meet A Wide Range Of Testing Needs
  • Each Test Station Operates Independently Of The Other Positions
  • Can Be User Programmed To Operate In Steps Of Constant Current, Constant Power, Constant Voltage, Constant Resistance, or Voltage Scan (Cyclic Voltammetry)
  • With the MIMS Client software, data is easily viewed graphically with different standard graphs. Several Chart types may be displayed at the same time with the ability to store the display settings as a template. Data from different devices may be overlaid on a single chart or viewed side-by-side.

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