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Brammer Standards

BRAMMER STANDARD COMPANY, INC. produces and distributes over 10,000 chemical and spectrochemical analytical reference materials from producers around the world. Brammer started operation in 1968 with the offering of 7 carbon and low alloy steel discs. Brammer now produces over 250 Reference Materials using 6 to 15 cooperating laboratories in an interlaboratory testing program. Starting in 1985, all certificates of analysis include the mean average chemical analysis from each participating laboratory. Beginning in 1990, all certificates include information on the CRMs used to validate the analysis.


NIST CRMs are used for traceability information when they are available for the particular CRM testing. Classical "wet" methods of chemical analysis are used in addition to plasma and atomic absorption instruments during interlaboratory testing. The CRMs are also checked by optical emission and XRF spectrometers for compatibility with other RMs and CRMs. All "BS" CRMs and RMs are tested for homogeneity using ASTM E 826-2008, "Standard Practice for Testing Homogeneity of a metal lot or batch in solid form by arc=spark atomic emission spectroscopy." 


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Worldwide Proficiency Testing Program
 Copper Base Solids
Brass, Bronze, Sebiloys, etc.
Includes Glass XRF DiscsIron, Steels, Cast Irons, etc.
See also Chips and PowdersMonels, Hastelloys, etc.
Minerals, Ores, Soils, etc.Cobalt, Lead, Titanium, etc.
Coal, Ferroalloys, Physical Properties, etc.Also useful for Combustion Analysis
Sorted by Alloy and Chemistry
Other Chips & Powders
Includes Refined Ores, Concentrates



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