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Ancillary Instrumentation


Quartz Crystal Microbalance

  • Sensitive enough to measure weight changes in a monolayer 
  • Quantify both elastic and viscous changes in your system
  • Front panel display of resonant frequency and resistance changes
  • Frequency range of 1MHz to 10MHz
  • Designed for EQCM with a potentiostat or stand alone operation


 303A Static Mercury Drop Electrode 
Static Mercury Drop Electrode
  • Renewable mercury electrode surface provides higher sensitivity 
  • Greater operating convenience than the traditional dropping mercury electrode
  • Reduces baseline distortions in DPP and enhances sensitivity
  • Easily converts into an extremely stable HMDE for stripping or squarewave voltammetry
  • Manual or automatic control of purge time, drop dispensing, and drop dislodgement
  • Operates with PARSTAT and VersaSTAT systems via model 507 interface

Rotating Disk Electrode
  • Front-panel speed controls
  • Protective enclosure
  • Remote analog speed control (input is summed with front-panel settings)
  • Front-panel and remote (TTL) on/off switching
  • Remote analog output for speed verification
  • Integral ring-stand for convenient cell mounting


Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode
  • Disk or Ring-Disk configuration
  • Protective enclosure
  • Remote analog speed control (input is summed with front-panel settings)
  • A variety of disk and ring-disk electrodes to choose from
  • Interchangeable electrode assemblies in either disk or cylinder configurations for corrosion studies
  • On/off and Rotational Rate Control

Dual-Phase Lock-In Amplifier
  • Continuous Full-Scale Sensitivity Control
  • Sinewave or Squarewave Demodulation
  • Powerful fourth-order signal channel bandpass, low pass or notch filter
  • Two independent line frequency rejection filters
  • Up to 130dB Dynamic Reserve


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