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Electrochemical Accessories


K0307 Tait Cell  Tait Cell Kit
Model K0307

The Tait Cell was developed to address coatings/corrosion studies on flat specimens where the electrolyte under study cannot support a standard reference electrode. The cell was developed to accept a wide range of working electrode shapes and sizes eliminating the need for machining or special mechanical preparation of the sample. The diameter and exposed sample area are approximately 6.35cm and 32cm2, respectively.  The Tait Cell is offered with counter and reference electrodes made from Hastelloy steel. 
  • Excellent for coatings studies in difficult media
  • Designed for long term exposure times
  • Quick, easy changing of electrodes
  • Allows electrolyte volumes as small as 80mL


 Corrosion CellCorrosion Cell Kit
Model K0047

The K0047 Corrosion Cell Kit is ideal for testing and evaluation of metal specimens in corrosive environments. It is fashioned after a well known cell configuration and is a standard in many ASTM methods.

The cell permits a series of metal specimens and liquid environments to be tested quickly and uniformly. Most of the common electrochemical techniques for corrosion testing can be employed under aggressive conditions (except for HF) and at ambient or elevated temperatures.


 K0235 Flat Cell     Flat Cell Kit
Model K0235

The practical design of the Model K0235 Flat Cell makes it simple and easy to use for corrosion and/or coatings research. It can accommodate a wide range of electrode sizes, eliminating the need for machining or special mechanical procedures. It disassembles quickly and easily, operates with a 250 mL sample volume and simplifies electrochemical corrosion measurements.

The Flat Cell is constructed of a Pyrex™ glass cylinder body with polypropylene end caps. The Flat Cell's sample holder can accommodate test electrodes ranging from 3/4-in. (19-mm) diameter discs to 6 × 6-in. (152 × 152-mm) flat panels. In fact, virtually any size specimen can be used, provided it is flat and less than 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) thick.


 K0264 Micro Cell KitMicro-Cell Kit
Model K0264

The K0264 Micro-Cell Kit comes as a complete kit to which you need only add the working electrode and electrolyte of your choice.  A Pt Wire Counter Electrode and Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode are included in addition to a Purge Tube Assembly that allows for purging of either the bulk solution or providing a blanket purge over the solution during the experiment to prevent atmospheric gases from dissolving back into solution.

The Cell Bottom is designed to hold between 3-15 mL of solution and is ideal for experiments in which small volumes are required.  Au, Pt, and Glassy Carbon Milli (2 mm ± 0.2mm diameter) and Micro (10µm ± 2µm diameter) Electrodes are available for use as Working Electrodes.  Further details can be found under the "Optional Accessories" tab.


RDE0018 Analytical Cell Kit Analytical Cell Kit
Model RDE0018

The Model RDE0018 Analytical cell kit is designed for use with rotating disk and ring-disk electrodes. The kit contains two cell tops, RDE0010 and K0066. The RDE0010 cell top has five holes, four 14/20 standard taper ports to accept reference and counter electrodes, purge tube, etc and one slightly larger hole to accommodate the arbor from the rotating disk electrode. The K0066 cell top has five 14/20 standard taper ports that allow the cell to be used for standard electrochemical applications, where a rotator is not used.


Reference-Electrode Reference Electrodes

We presently offer Saturated Calomel, Ag/AgCl, Mercury-Mercurous Sulfate, and Non-Aqueous Reference Electrodes for a variety of Applications.  Information on our G0300 Porous Frits and G0194 Polyethylene Frits may also be found here.


Reference-Electrode Bridge Tubes


303A Static Mercury Drop Electrode 303A Accessories


616 Rotating Disk Electrode Rotator Accessories

Items for our Models 616, 616A, 636, and 636A Rotating Disk Electrodes (RDE) and Rotating Ring-Disk Electrodes (RRDE) may be found here.  RDE and RRDE tips (electrodes) and arbors along with specialty tools.  Also included is a Rotating Cylinder Electrode assembly for customer made cylinders.


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