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WiseTherm - hotplate

Our Wisd WiseTherm hotplates are the solution for nearly all applications where a probe or mixture needs to be exactely warmed or heated. The ceramic-coated heating-plate is robust and insensitive against many aggressive medias and with the design of our device with waste drain under the heating plate overboild medias are drained safely and do not intrude in the inside of the device.

Each Wisd hotplate is designed to resist against the daily rough routine For that reason we use stable metal founding for the housing an not thin metal sheets.

Technically our laboratory equipments Wisd WiseTherm hotplates for the laboratory are equipped with a top-quality switching power supply, to ensure a flawless and very linear regulation up to  380°C. With our special designed heating coil inside the heating plate we can guarantee a uniform temperature diversification also in the edges.

 witeg  Wisd WiseTherm analogue hotplate heating plate analog analogous

Wise Therm HP-20A


The analogue model Wisd WiseTherm HP-20A is the entry level model of our product array of the Wisd hotplates. It is best usable for simple warming and heating applications or as device for experimental education in schools and universities. Simply adjust the heating power and here we go.

Our digital laboratory device Wisd WiseTherm HP-20D is build especially for accurate temperature accuracy and ist equipped with our high quality digital controller. This you can see at the fact, that your are not setting a heating power, but a goal temperature, that the device reaches itself and hold it (the needed heating power is calculated inside the device and adjusted permanently). But thats not all.

witeg  Wisd WiseTherm digital hotplate heating plate

Wise Therm HP-20D (Set with external temperature sensor SS200)


For your series applications set the needed temperature and save it in the hotplate?s controller. Automatically you can ensure that our hotplate allways reaches the needed temperature. The same for the integrated timer. Set and store the heating time and use always the presetted values. In this way you can prevent process errors simply a priori. Our Wisd WiseTherm HP-20D hotplate helps you in your production environment.

In standard applications our digital Wisd WiseTherm HP-20D for the laboratory checks the reached temperature with the build in temperature sensor beneath the surface of the heating plate and adjustes appropriate the needed heating power.

If this is still not exact enough for your application and a specific temperature inside the probe needs zu be reached, use our available external PT100 temperature sensor, connect it to the device and dip it in the probe. Now our hotplate adjusts automatically in this way, that the temperature in your probe will be reached. So you are able to reach your goal temperature inside your probe very exactely ans our device makes the "how"by itself.

modelWisd WiseTherm HP-20AWisd WiseTherm HP-30AWisd WiseTherm HP-20DWisd WiseTherm HP-30D
shopping link (price informations and ordering)HP-20AHP-30AHP-20DHP-30D
platform (mm)180?180260?260180?180260?260
temperaturerange °Cmaximum 380°C
accuracy---±0,3°C at set temperature
control resolution---0,5°C
heating power600W1200W600W1200W
heating platespecial designed heating module for high uniformity, temperature difference <3%
controlleranalogue, superior linearity PWN-controllerdigital fuzzy controller with Jog-Shuttle (turn+push)
timer---99 h 59 m (continuous function included)
display---digital LC-Display with backlight function
materialplateceramic coated aluminium (chemical-/acid resistance)
bodypowder coated aluminiumpowder coated steelpowder coated aluminiumpowder coated steel
dimension (LxBxH)206?307?99286?387?99206?307?99286?387?99
weight (kg)2,83,32,83,2
others---user self-compensation function
storage function (temperature, timer)
locking mode (Jog-Shuttle disabled)
alarm signal (error status and timer-end)
power supply*AC 220 V / 230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz

* Other specifications are available upon customer?s request.



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