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Acquire - Data Acquisition Software


  • Operates with all current SIGNAL RECOVERY Lock-in Amplifiers, Boxcar Averagers, and the Model 5113 Preamplifiers
  • Suitalbe for Windows XP/Vista
  • Remote Front Panel mode
  • Experiment Recording mode - take data versus time, frequency or auxiliary ADC values
  • Input and output triggers
  • Method and Data storage
  • ASCII text export utility
  • GPIB or RS232 operation
  • Free demonstration version available
Acquire is a comprehensive data acquisition package designed to operate most currentand many former SIGNAL RECOVERY instruments from a personal computer.

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SRInstComms ActiveX Control for SIGNAL RECOVERY instruments

  • Easy PC control for compatible instruments
  • Operates from one to ten instruments simultaneously
  • Uses GPIB, RS232, USB, or Ethernet interface
  • Automatic detection of instruments
  • Supplied with example programs in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, LabVIEW, Excel and HTML.
  • Full printed and on-screen documentation

SRIistComms is an ActiveX control that allows users of SIGNAL RECOVERY instruments to control them from PC's running Windows XP/Vista.

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