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WiseTis - Homogenizer

Our Wisd Homogenizers are the solution for nearly all applications where a probe or mixture needs to be exactely  homogenized. The powerful motor with 160W output power has enough force for homogenizing voluminas up to 2.500ml at once and our robust Dispersing tools made of stainless steel and PTFE behave completely neutral and do not affect the quality of your probe.

Each Wisd Homogenizer is designed to resist against the daily rough routine .

Technically our laboratory equipments Wisd Homogenizers are equipped with a robust and smooth operating motor, which is naturally trimmed with an overheating protection mechanism to prevent damages of the device. After a short period of cooling down, our device is immediately usable.

 Wisd analogue homogenizer Disperser

Wise Tis HG-15A Set (set with WiseTis HG-15A, dispersing tool HT1018, stand rod ST110 and clamp CL200)

The analogue model Wisd WiseTis HG-15A is the entry level model of our product array of the Wisd Homogenizers. It is best usable for simple homogenizing applications or as device for experimental education in schools and universities. Simply adjust the homogenizing power and here we go.

Our digital laboratory device Wisd WiseTis HG-15D is build especially for exact homogenizing and is equipped with our high quality electronic controller. This you can see at the fact, that your are not setting a homogenizing power, but a goal rotation speed, that the device reaches itself and hold it (the needed homogenizing power is calculated inside the device and adjusted permanently). But thats not all.

Wisd digital homogenizer Disperser

Wise Tis HG-15D (set with WiseTis HG-15D, dispersing tool HT1018, stand rodST110 and clamp CL200)


For optimal usage of our homogenizer Wisd WiseTis HG-15D we divided the controller from the basic homogenizing device. While working under a fume hood or in another separated chamber and the need for homogenizing, you can do this with our device easily. Only the controller cable is connected between the controller and the device and can easily be installed.

Naturally on your needs we deliver you various dispersing tools for your Wisd Homogenizer. You are not limited to one tool. Simply exchange the dispersing tool and work on, while the previous tool is cleaned and sterilized. Our dispersing tools are usable at temperatures up to 180°C.




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