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Solvent Purification Systems


Pure Solv™ Solvent Purification Systems

New and improved Alcohol and Amines drying columns & filtration design
Variety of configurations and sized systems
Safe Alternative to thermal distillation
No cross diffusion of solvent vapors
Air-free collection of Ultra-dry and De-oxygenated solvents
All solvents can be dispensed simultaneously
Free up valuable hood space
Glove box integration
Mobile stand with integrated flammable cabinet

Solvent Purification Systems from Innovative Technology


MD Solvent Purification Systems

The PureSolv MD (Multiple Dispensing system) is designed for labs with multiple researchers who require easy access to more than one anhydrous solvent. Customers can choose from three standard frames sizes that can be populated from two up to seven solvents of choice.

PureSolv MD Series
• PureSolv MD3
• PureSolv MD5
• PureSolv MD7

Innovative Technologies unique dispensing system allows for easy access to anhydrous solvent by multiple users. Our Multi-Way Valve design is considered the most efficient and safest dispensing system on the market today.


EN Solvent Purification Systems

The European Design PureSolv-EN™ is one of Innovative Technology's technological innovations in the design, manufacture and distribution of safe and reliable systems for solvent storage, purification and processing. The PureSolv-EN™ system is a fire safety cabinet that meets EN14470-1 performance requirements for the storage of flammable liquids in laboratories. EN14470-1 performance standards establish three primary safety requirements, while still maintaining all of the benefits customers expect from the Pure Solv-MD design, they are:

• Minimization of the risk of fire from stored flammable materials.
• Protection of the flammable materials in the event of fire.
• Minimization of emitted vapors to the outside environment and retention of any leaks inside the cabinet.


Micro Solvent Purification Systems

The PureSolv Micro Solvent Purification System is designed as both an economic and space friendly alternative to the larger more traditional free standing units, common on the market today. Using the same proven design as the Innovative Technology, Inc PureSolv MD system; the Pure Solv Micro is perfect for the researcher with modest requirements for a single anhydrous solvent who prefers the convenience of having a dedicated solvent drying and dispensing station. No longer do you have to share; now you can have your own.

Micro Series
• Single-unit
• Multi-unit

Manufacturers and researchers all over the world trust our solvent purification systems for their safety and reliability.

Innovative Technology, Inc has been a worldwide leader in design, development and manufacturing of Inert Glove Boxes and Solvent Purification Systems since 1981.

The Pure Solv line of Solvent Purification Systems offers the best in safety, quality components, operator interface and unsurpassed experience in drying and de-oxygenating solvents.

No longer is there a need to risk injury to your staff or damage to your laboratory due to fires caused by traditional distilling methods, the Pure Solv offers you the safest and easiest way to dry and de-oxygenate Aromatic & Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Ethers, Chlorinated, Amines, Alcohol and other Common Solvents for your air sensitive reactions.

With Sales and Service locations placed strategically worldwide, the Pure Solv Brand of Solvent Purification Systems is a Global leader. Utilizing over 28 years of experience in manufacturing Inert Glove Boxes and Pure Solv Solvent Purification Systems, Innovative Technology, Inc will provide you a Pure Solv system that will meet your local safety regulations, space constraints and most importantly a system that dispenses effective anhydrous grade solvents for your air sensitive chemistry.

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