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Overhead Stirrer

WiseStir - Overhead Stirrer

 WiseStir, overhead stirrer, high speed and high torque 

Our Wisd WiseStir laboratory-Overhead Stirrers are subdivided in two basic product categories:

  • stirrer direkt driven (models: HS)
  • stirrer with reduction (models: HT)

The overhead stirrers of the category Wisd WiseStir HS have available a speed range in between 200 RPM and 3000 RPM and are our devices for high speed stirring. The overhead stirrers of the category Wisd WiseStir HT have due to the gear box much more torque and an available a speed range in between 50 RPM and 1000 RPM.

You are able to select the optimal device for your application and you have no need to pay for features that you do not need. We give you the maximum flexibility with your choice.

Each Wisd laboratory overhead stirrer for the laboratory is designed and robust build to resist against the daily rough routine . If you take care about the viscosity limits, our overhead stirrers are definitely usable for 24-hours run.

Our laboratory overhead stirrers will be used in applications by schools, universities and laboratories of different subjects. the simple control and fast start-up procedure provide errors in handling and a main feature of our laboratory products.

Because a laboratory device Wisd WiseStir overhead stirrer is usable with viscosities up to 150.000 mPas dependend on the model, all devices are equipped with overheat and overload protection, to prevent damages of the device.

For your safety, our laboratory devices are also equipped with smooth start. also at high set rotation speeds you do not have to worry while starting the stirrer.

 witeg Wisd WiseStir overhead stirrer WiseStir HS-50A

Wise Stir HS-50A Set (set with WiseStir HS-50A, stand rod KA1177, clamp CL200and propeller stirring tool PL010)

witeg Wisd WiseStir overhead stirrer WiseStir HS-30D

Wise Stir HS-30D (set with WiseStir HS-30D, stand rod ST110, clamp CL200 and propeller stirring tool PL010)

The analogue model Wisd WiseStir HS-50A is the entry level model of our product category Wisd overhead stirrer direct driven. It is best usable for simple stirring applications or as device for experimental education in schools and universities. Simply adjust the stirring power and here we go.

Our digital model Wisd WiseStir HS-30D of the laboratory equipments Wisd overhead stirrer direct driven is build for accurate stirring and is equipped with our high quality digital controller. This you can see at the fact, that your are not setting a stirring power, but a goal stirring speed, that the device reaches itself and hold it (the needed stirring power is calculated inside the device and adjusted permanently).

witeg Wisd WiseStir overhead stirrer WiseStir HT-50AX

Wise Stir HT-50AX

witeg Wisd WiseStir overhead stirrer WiseStir HT-50DX

Wise Stir HT-50DX


The analogue model Wisd WiseStir HT-50AX is the entry level model of our product category Wisd overhead stirrer with reduction. It is best usable for simple stirring at higher viscosities or as device for experimental education in schools and universities, where higher stresses of the device is expected. Simply adjust the stirring and heating power and here we go..

Häufigste Anwendung sind Reaktionen, die unter Rühren stattfinden und die Viskosität der Probe dabei verändern. Unser Gerät regelt automatisch nach und hält die gewünschte Drehzahl, auch wenn mehr Kraft erforderlich ist.

Our digital model Wisd WiseStir HT-50DX for the laboratory of the product categoryWisd overhead stirrer with reduction is developped for highest requirements to power and accuracy of rotation speed. Also this device is equipped with our high quality digitalcontroller.

Like the overhead stirrer Wisd WiseStir HS-30D the HT-50DX adjusts the needed stirring power by itself and hold it constant also on changing viscosity. In your test protocols you are able to simply log the stirring rotations with a clear conscience and obtain comparable results, because of the constant stirring speed and with this all time the same stirring behaviour.

For biggest volumes or industrial usage our high power models Wisd WiseStir HS-120AWisd WiseStir HS-100DWisd WiseStir HT-120AXWisd WiseStir HT-120DXare deployed. these models have the same features and reliability like the models described above, but much more power and are also usable for highest viscosities.

Our electric overhead stirrers for laboratories need only a simple standard power supply. This makes our devices much mor flexible than pneumatic stirrers. If you have no special needs which prevent the usage of an electrical overhead stirrer, ourWisd laboratory overhead stirrers are the right devices for you.


To simplify your choice of the right overhead stirrer for your needs, we worked out the following table. Choose your overhead-stirrer according to the viscosity you are awaiting to be the highest viscosity in your application.

viscosity (mPas)examplerecommended models









160soybean oil
250.000peanut butter 


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