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CONOSTAN® offers calibration and verification standards for the analysis of lubricant additives, new and in-service lubricants, petroleum products and organic fluids/materials. CONOSTAN® is the world''s leading manufacturer of metallo-organic elements-in-oil standards. Our industry-leading position is the result of our uniquely superior product chemistry, manufacturing technology, and blending techniques.CONOSTAN® is also the only source of multi-element metallo-organic standards in the history of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) the reference material NIST 108b is Conostan S-21:300.



 Oil Viscosity Standards

 General Purpose Viscosity Reference Standards manufactured in accordance with ASTM D 2162. All standards are traceable to National Standards and according to ASTM & IP methods. Read more...

 Biodiesel Standards

 SCP SCIENCE-CONOSTAN® offers a new line of biodiesel standards for the analysis of metals and sulfur in biodiesel fuel. Manufactured in accordance to ASTM methods D7039, D6751, D5453 and EN14214 for ICP and XRF analysis. Complete with a Certificate of Analysis.

 Metals in Crude Oil Standards

 Twelve stocked concentrations of Metals in Crude Oil manufactured in accordance to ASTM D5708 and D5863. Read more...

 Metals in Residual Oil Standards

 Twelve stocked concentration of Metals in Residual Oil manufactured in accordance to ASTM D5708 and D5863.Read more...

 Sulfur Standards

 A new line of Sulfur in Residual Oil and Sulfur in Isooctane Standards are available. This line features stocked standards from 5 µg/g to 50,000 µg/g, ability to customize standards as low as 1 µg/g, and non-hazardous shipping charges. Also available, Sulfur in Mineral Oil, Sulfur in Biodiesel and Sulfur in Diesel Fuel standards.

 Elements in Oil Standards

 Calibration and analysis products for analysis of Elements in oil and other organic liquids using AA, ICP, DCP, XRF, Rotrode and other analytical instruments. Line includes: Single element standardsMulti element standards and D-Series®.

 TAN ? TBN Standards

 Prominent titration inflection point even at low concentration standards. · Significant potential (pH) jump in the region of inflection point. · Quick equilibration of the potential during titration means less time for titration. · Have excellent repeatability and reproducibility for ASTM 644 method - Less than 1 %. · Non toxic · Stable during storage. Read more...

 Flash Point Standards

 Flash Point Standards for use in accordance with ASTM D93. Complete with a detailed Certificate of Analysis. Contact your local Sales Representative for volume discounts. Read more...

 Sulfur in Crude Oil

 We have 10 standards from 500 to 50000 ppm. Sulfur in Crude Oil in accordance with Method ASTM D2622 and D4294. Complete with a Certificate of Analysis. Read more...

 D-Series® Products

 A metallo-organic line specially developed for Military "Spectrometric Oil Standards" Requirements - D-Series?® Blends D3, D12, D-19-0 and D-19. Read more...

 Chlorine in Oil Standards

 Seven stocked concentrations of Chlorine in mineral oil from 10 to 50000ppm in 100g bottles. Read more...

 PremiSolv™ ICP Solvent

 Alternative solvent to replace Kerosene or Xylene for ICP Analysis. Certified extremely low metal content with no sulfur/aromatic odor. Non-Hazardous for shipping/disposal. Read more...

 PartiStan™ Automatic

 Particle Counter Standards Calibration/verification of particle counters by ISO method 11171. PartiStan 2806 traceable to NIST SRM 2806 and prepared according to Annex F. Initial 11171 calibration fluids available. Read more...

 AA, ICP & XRF Supplies

 CONOSTAN® offers consumables with the help of its parent company, SCP SCIENCE. Visit web site for more information and to access more than 20,000 laboratory instruments and supplies.


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