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Thermal Diffusivity / Thermal Conductivity


Thermal Conductivity measurements - Laser Flash / Xenon Flash / THB / HFM - Analyzer

    Thermal Diffusivity / Thermal Conducitivity Overview

    Knowledge of heat transport properties of solids and liquids is becoming more and more crucial. Many application fields like Automotive / Aviation / Aerospace but also  Power Generation / Energy industries or Ceramics industries, Building Materials and Glass Industry and many more need very precise information about the thermal behavior of their used materials. Heat management is becoming very import for example in the building industries due to exploding energy costs or in the semiconducting industries if we think of high charged integrated device. Thats why a lot of research & development is also done in this field. Linseis has a lot of experience in thermal properties measurement covers a very broad range of different thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat measurement systems.

    1. LFA - Laser Flash / XFA - Xenon Flash:

    The Laser Flash technique has proven to be the fastest and most reliable technique when it comes tothermal conductivity measurements and thermal diffusivity measurements. It enables a determination from -125°C up to 600°C (Xenon Flash) or -125°C up to incredible 2800°C (Laser Flash) in the range of 0.1 W/mk ... 2000 W/mK. Additionally for very thin samples (thin films from 80 nm up to 20 µm) we developed the Linseis TF-LFA (Thin Film LaserFlash Apparatus) using the Time Domain Thermoreflectance measuring technique that complementaries the Flash Series.

    Correspondence with International Standards. The LINSEIS Laser Flash (LFA) and Xenon Flash (XFA)operate in agreement with national and international standards such as: ASTM E-1461, DIN 30905 and DIN EN 821.

    2. THB - Transient Hot Bridge

    This technique enables thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat measurements in the temperature range -50 ... 200°C. The measuring range of 0.01 up to 500 W/m*K complementary to the Laser Flash Analyzer. You can use it to measure solids, gels, pastes as well as liquids and will get a very precise, automatic measurement within minutes. A lot of different patented sensor types for a broad application field are available.

    3. HFM - Heat Flow Meter

    It provides a rapid and easy to use instrument to determine the thermal conductivity properties of low thermal conductivity insulation materials as well as all other materials with a high level of accuracy. The instrument is designed per ASTM C518, JIS A1412, ISO 8301 and DIN 12667. The principle of measurement is to position a sample between a hot and a cold plate and to measure the heat flow. 

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