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Water bath / Oil bath


WiseBath - waterbath

Our laboratory equipment Wisd waterbaths are equiped with a high quality electronic controller and simple to use Jog-Shuttle-Switch for configuration. with this controller we are able to secure a temperature accuracy at high level and missconfiguration is nearly impossible. Timer-function, storage function for the set values of temperature and timer, alarm-function on errors and timer-end are really base features of ourWisd waterbaths. Input control elements can be disabled by with our lock-mode feature to prevent unintended missconfigurations. This has benefits in big laboratories with many employees.

Our Wisd water bath is equipped with an independend and configurable over-temperature security switch, with that you can limit the highest temperature, our water bath is allowed to reach. In this way you can easily ensure that the set maximum temperature you choosed never can be overrun. Our waterbath cuts off automatically. Overboiling or destruction of your probes now are things of the past. Our Wisd waterbaths are a reliable aid in your applications.

 witeg Wisd waterbath waterbaths water bath baths

Wise Bath WB-11

witeg Wisd multi chamber waterbath waterbaths

Wise Bath WMB-311

We produce our Wisd waterbaths at the inside always using high quality stainless steel to easy up maintanance and cleaning and to reach a preferably usability of the device.

Each laboratory device Wisd waterbath is clearly usable in biotechnology, medical and clinic, also in applications of the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry. Also in experimental education in schools and universities our Wisd waterbaths can be found.

witeg Wisd shaking waterbath shake waterbaths water bath baths

Wise Bath WSB-18


Each Wisd waterbath is equiped with a security power circuit, which independent from other factors on faults, prevents an over range temperature. So you can use our devices smoothly unattended with adjusted timer-function (with filled in medias which has a low boiling point and temperature settings which can overboil the medium, an unattended usage needs to be prevented always).

If you need high temperatures for your probes, we can offer you our oil baths of the categoryWisd WiseBath WHB. with this laboratory devices you are able to temper up to 250°C.

Shaking Waterbath

Instead if you need a shaking water bath which shakes your probes automatically while tempering, the waterbaths of the category Wisd WiseBath WSB are the right water baths for you. With the continuous shaking of your sample, a extremely uniform tempering of your sample is ensured. Partial overheating of your sample is surely prevented.

More precise and uniform heating with circulator 

For maximum uniformity while tempering, our waterbaths of the product category Wisd WiseBath WCB in opposite to the models of the category Wisd WiseBath WB are equipped with an integrated circulator. The circulation improved the temperature uniformity dramatically.

Our water baths you can find using the search function of our onlineshop, or follow directly this links to our water baths and shaking water baths.


Water baths are used for indirect and uniform heating and tempering. always you need a vessel of any form for your substances, to dip in the waterbath and heat up your probe. In opposite to a hotplate the thermal energy in a waterbath will be directed from all sides in the probe vessel and not only from the bottom. With the open design of the water bath you are able to automatically oder manually move, rotate or shake the vessel, to warm up you probe uniformly. You can put the vessel also in the waterbath, and close it with a flat or dome lid to induce the thermal energy more efficient in you probe. Please recognize that condensate can drop from the inner side of the lid inside your probe. How the product category is named, water is the medium for transferring the thermal energy from the heater to you probe vessel. Determined by the system, this works only controlled and uniform beneath a temperature under 100°C. Clearly you should always avoid boiling up the water.

modelWisd WiseBath WB-6Wisd WiseBath WB-11Wisd WiseBath WB-22Wisd WiseBath WSB-18Wisd WiseBath WSB-30Wisd WiseBath WSB-45
shopping link (price informations and ordering)WB-6WB-11WB-22WSB-18WSB-30WSB-45
dimension (LxBxH)internal (mm)300 x 155 x 150302 x 240 x 150500 x 295 x 150300 x 300 x 200500 x 300 x 200600 x 380 x 200
external (mm)325 x 185 x 260325 x 265 x 260535 x 330 x 260560 x 350 x 340760 x 350 x 340860 x 430 x 340
bath capacity6 Liter11 Liter22 Liter18 Liter30 Liter45 Liter
shaking capacity---8 x 250ml15 x 250ml28 x 250ml
shakerspeed---20 - 250 strokes/min
stroke---15 - 30mm
heating power800W1000W2000W1400W1800W2000W
temperaturerange °Cambient + 5°C ~ 100°Cambient + 5°C ~ 250°C
materialinternalstainless steel (#304)stainless steel (#304)
externalpowder coated steelpowder coated steel
rack---stainless steel
controllerProgrammable Digital Feedback controller with Jog-Shuttle Switch (Turn + Push)Programmable Digital Feedback controller with Jog-Shuttle Switch (Turn + Push)
displaydigital LCD with backlight functiondigital LCD with backlight function
timer99 Std 59 min (delay & continuous function included)99 Std 59 min (delay & continuous function included)
safety deviceover temperature and over current protected, sensor error detectorover temperature and over current protected, sensor error detector
drain valvenonebuild in---
accessoriesincluding stainless steel lid cover---
othersuser self-compensation function ±10°C
storage function (temperature, timer)
locking mode (Jog-Shuttle disabled)
alarm signal (error status and timer-end)
user self-compensation function ±10°C
storage function (temperature, timer)
locking mode (Jog-Shuttle disabled)
alarm signal (error status and timer-end)
power supply*AC 220 V / 230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz


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